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Wealth management APIs

(front and
Coding done by the tenant
CustomizationImplementation and customization done by the tenant
TimelineTimeline varies by the tenant
FeaturesNon-transactional and non-organizational core Bambu features
Target audienceSmall and medium financial services, advisors and Fintech
SupportDedicated support for the corporate tier only

Customized Robo

(front and
Coding required
CustomizationFully customized – User journeys, flows, and full front-end configurations
TimelineA minimum of 6 months to develop
FeaturesCore Bambu features plus customizable functionality
Unlimited and customized
CustodianCustom integrations
Target audienceLarge, regional and global financial services
SupportOperates around the clock, 24/7

Turn-key Robo

LocationU.S. only
(front and
Zero coding needed
CustomizationPersonalized colors, logo, branding and portfolio management
Timeline4-8 weeks to launch
FeaturesCore Bambu features
Upload model portfolios – limited to ETFs only available in Apex Clearing product universe
CustodianApex Clearing
Target audienceSmall and medium financial services, advisors, fintech
SupportFeature and platform support

The Need for


Outdated systems make financial digitalization hard to access.

Digitalization is a necessity today; however, tech and financial institutions that dominate the market continuously fail to innovate. To keep up with the ever-changing times, the industry needs a fantastic, up-to-date upgrade. 🌟


A platform so seamlessly human that it’s almost magical.

People push back against what they don’t know. To make the process of change easier, we create a path of least resistance. Bambu is an ecosystem of problem-solvers, driven misfits, creators, and outside-the-box thinkers. It’s a network that challenges the status quo and changes how finance and investment operate.


With our intuitive and intelligent tech designed for the future of digital wealth, we’re here to simplify and improve the financial experience of today’s world. By doing so, we get closer to fulfilling our dream of helping people achieve their financial goals all around the globe, except Antarctica.

Leave it to the tech!

Even if you don’t know how our robo-advisors work, partnering with us will give you an edge over your competitors.