Let Your Wealth Clients Invest The Way They
Want To

Offer the option of a self-directed customer journey today – launch a digital wealth platform where clients can create accounts, invest and transact instantly by themselves. 

Four ways that a customer self-directed journey will
help you serve your clients better

Enable client participation and trust

Gone are the days of “hands-off investing”. Today, many investors want to be
apart of their own financial planning.

Allow clients to collaborate with you to by providing them with a robust
platform to build their risk profiles and research and choose their own products.

Provide clients with instant accessibility

Give instant access to anything and everything a client would need to do on a daily basis – depositing, withdrawing, investing and more.

The quicker and easier it is for your clients to engage and transact, the
better their experience will be.

Offer multiple channels to engage and invest

Your new digital wealth platform will cater to people that are interested to invest
with you, but don’t necessarily want to interact with advisors.

Capture a wider range of interests in the market as you offer multiple entry points
and channels to engage and invest.

Empower your advisors with data to reach out to clients

Capture client data in a clean and consistent manner through  your digital platform.

Then, arm your advisors with key insights to offer timely and effective financial advice.



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