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How does API compare to custom-build?

*The current custom-build API collections require a database specific to your needs which API Library does not support. For a complete white-label robo solution,
check out Bambu’s other offerings such as Bambu BUILD and Bambu GO. For more info about each step and API Library capability, visit


Calculate your retirement goals, housing costs, children’s educational needs, and more.

We’ll recommend smart and safe ways to improve your portfolio performance when there’s a drift in market movements.

Classify investors based on their risk tolerance and risk appetite.

Track goals and provide proposals on how to allocate money across multiple objectives.

Display general information, such as dialing codes, currency codes, country flags, and more, in relation to each country.

Get funding details based on historical data for all available capital that includes U.S. ETFs and mutual funds.

Retrieve recommendations for personalized goals for an investor based on similar demographics.

Determine the buy-sell units based on the model portfolio’s characteristics and unit allocation to users.

Construct model portfolios and get advice on the fund allocation of each model.

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  • 5,000 API calls/month

  • Approx. 100 end-users


(most popular)

$1,000 per month

  • 50,000 API calls/month

  • Approx. 1,000 end-users


Custom price

  • Customized no. of API calls/month

  • Unlimited end-users

  • Dedicated support

  • Development assistance

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