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Why should you get involved in
client-facing technology?

Why should you get involved in
client-facing technology?

Today, successful distribution requires more than just increasing spend on marketing and sales to push products to distributors.


It requires active participation and partnership from asset management firms to support distributors in serving end-investors

One key area to do so is in creating a better digital experience for your end-investors:

In a technological age, your existing and prospective end-investors are growing accustomed to using digital platforms and increasingly expect your distributors to provide the same digital convenience.

By supplying a client-facing digital wealth platform to your distributors, you can help them develop this competitive advantage and transform your distribution into one cohesive and scalable
B2B2C process

Here's how the B2B2C process will works:


Flexible monetization model that builds you revenue. You can preload your funds into the platform as you offer it to distributors for free. Alternatively, you can offer the platform as a paid monthly service. Either way, this generates sales for you.


After the base-platform is built, you can white label it for your distributors, allowing them to easily customise the platform. Customisable features include colours, logos, branding and portfolio management details like funds and risk profiling.


Introduce and increase uptake of your own wealth management engine by codifying your signature portfolio management system into the platform.


The platform can be configured to the unique localised contexts of different regions

We're already partnered with global asset manager, Franklin Templeton, for "TangoRobo" in the US.

Franklin Templeton wanted to grow the distribution of their funds and increase uptake of their goal-based portfolio management advice methodology: the “Goals Optimization Engine” or “GOE”.

So, we partnered with them to build “TangoRobo”, a robo-advisory platform built-in with GOE and pre-loaded with several of their signature funds.

Tango is currently live and onboarding Franklin’s large
network of distributors.

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