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Make Your Business Stronger With Our All-In-One Robo Platform

Bambu will customize your business needs with a seamless experience you won’t be able to resist. You tell us how you envision the future of your business, and we’ll build the perfect solution for you!
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Who is Bambu BUILD for?

Trusted by International Companies

for Advisors

How Bambu BUILD Can Be Customized to Your Digitalization and Business Needs

Benefits for Advisors

Flexibility to customize the platform based on the company’s requirements

Tailored profiling and investment process

Expertise deployed and delivered from global implementations

Custodian of your choice

Features for Advisors

No physical documents or snail mail required.
Digital integration allows you to do almost instant onboarding and account approval.

Track the activities and performances of your clients’ digital wealth management process with alerts, giving you up-to-date information on their progress.

Fully customize your risk questionnaire and score bands with the help of customizable questions. Knowing their risk status allows for a personalized portfolio uniquely tailored for them.

Get a comprehensive view of your client’s profiles and activities on a single dashboard. Monitor their KYC status, approvals, or applications so you can stay up to date with all their latest news.

Our intuitive admin dashboard gives RIAs the power to monitor their clients’ investments efficiently.

Set up and manage your investment products easily with unlimited investment portfolios that are fully customizable.
(P.S. This is an add-on feature to your platform)

for End-Customers

How Bambu BUILD Can Engage Your Customers Digitally

Benefits for End-Customers

Seamless onboarding process with the creation of life goals based on their risk profile

Eliminate decision paralysis with our recommendation engine while building for their investment plan

Complete transparency and control on their assets, allowing them to monitor performance

An aesthetically pleasing interface that makes investing simple with minimal financial jargon

Features for End-Customers

A personalized portfolio will be created for each customer based on their risk analysis and assessment.

An all-in-one dashboard provides a complete overview of their goals, including performance data to keep your clients on track.

Eliminate decision paralysis with the Goal Helper engine, which recommends a life goal to achieve based on each user’s persona. The engine also offers portfolio recommendations based on their risk preference. 

Know your clients’ risk tolerance to create personalized portfolios. Risking too much can be financially dangerous, but not knowing how and when to do so could cause even greater damage.

Make your clients’ dreams come true with our customizable goal-setting service. Choose from a list of every possible goal or define one that’s uniquely theirs. Then, customize it based on preferences.

Achieving their personal goals is easier with the recommended investment amount provided; it will suggest remedial actions if reality begins to deviate from the original plan.

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How long does it take to develop Bambu BUILD?
Development can take a minimum of 6-9 months depending on the complexity and integration time.

What are Bambu’s building blocks?
We use a fine set of algorithms to build a robo platform. Find out more on our Robo 101 page.

What does Bambu’s robo platform look like?
Let our product experts help you! Arrange a meeting with us for an interactive chat about your product needs. Schedule here.

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