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Meet Intelligent Advisor GO.

An off-the-shelf platform that turns financial market data into investment insights, designed for modern relationship managers.

How Intelligent Advisor empowers you

Score & rank 3,000 publicly traded U.S. companies.

Using AI-powered algorithms, this platform crunches financial market data to generate a predictive rating that scores and ranks stocks. The score is clear and understandable with the help of its back-tested trading signals, on a scale from 1 to 100, so you can easily compare it.

A multi-factor approach blending Value, Quality, Momentum and Technical Indicators.

Our quantitative scoring system combines proven factor premiums, making it possible to take a holistic look at each stock’s fundamentals. With insights presented through intuitive visualizations and interactive charts that allow you to identify patterns for analysis with ease, we strive to ensure an enjoyable experience when searching for investment ideas.

Automatically generated stock insights with brief stories.

Instantly get insights into significant changes to factors affecting stock prices thanks to our automated talking points. Spend less time preparing your sales pitch and concentrate on relationship building with these easy-to-use, prerecorded messages that sound like you!

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