The World’s WealthTech Company

Bambu is a FinTech company that makes tech for financial institutions. Our platform helps end users save and invest for their future. So, if you think about it, we’re kind of like a fairy godparent who “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” people to smartly manage their spending and money all day, every day.

We are available everywhere, except Antarctica.

Based in Singapore with offices, partners and clients around the globe.

Bambu unlocks limitless financial growth, at the heart of wealthtech.

At Bambu, we create the path of least resistance to a life abundantly lived, enabled by tech and powered by humans for humans.

We know it seems like there’s a tech solution for everything, but hear us out! When it comes to making money as a 21st century investor, you definitely want a 21st century approach.

Bambu simplifies today’s finances through digital wealth solutions of the future. (If this wasn’t the way your grandparents used to save, you’re on the right track.)

To help financial institutions empower the modern investor with effective and easy to use  solutions

We take the traditional methods of wealth-building, such as saving, investing, and asset management, then apply really cool tech to grow your wealth from root to shoot to a whole thriving forest. Ka-ching!

We have a team of skilled and tech-savvy people who have a heavy tolerance for metaphors and are just really, really bent on helping a hundred million people achieve their financial goals.

To make investing a part of everyday life.

Life is complicated as is, and we totally get that. But saving and investing for the life your users actually want doesn’t have to be excruciatingly complex.

We designed our platform for ease of use to give you an experience that’s so seamless, it’s almost magical. We’re all about shared human experiences. In the world of Bambu, investment is a part of everyday life and made for all.

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