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When was Bambu founded?

Industry experts, Ned Phillips (Founder and CEO) and Aki Ranin (co-founder and COO) lead the charge. Ned Phillips has been in the FinTech industry since 1999, and Aki Ranin has a deep-rooted passion for technology. Both of them have more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Read about the founder’s story

Who is eligible to be a Bambu customer?

We welcome international and local, small and large financial institutions such as banks, fund houses, asset management companies, wealth management firms, FinTech companies, individual and private wealth advisors, and even companies that are willing to make a shift in the wealth tech industry or enter the market. We are here for you!

Who has invested in Bambu?

Our investors are Franklin Templeton, Peak 6, Wavemaker, and Central Capital Ventura, to name a few.

Who are Bambu’s customers?

The company serves over 20 financial institutions globally, such as Franklin Templeton, HSBC, SCB, Beanstox, BCA, Avenue Securities, and many more.

What is the difference between a robo-advisor and a human financial advisor?

The most obvious difference is that human financial advisors offer a breadth of money, tax, insurance, and estate planning guidance with access to a greater number of investing options compared to robo-advisors that focus on low-fee, pre-selected, exchange-traded, or mutual funds. These are pre-determined investment options based on your portfolio after you have answered several simple age and risk tolerance-related questions.

What is goal-based investing?

Goal-based investing is an investment methodology, where performance is measured using the success of the investments in meeting an individual’s personal and lifestyle goals. This strategy factors each individual’s situation, thus requiring a personalized portfolio with variables that include timeline, necessary returns, risk profile, and financial situation.

How do I achieve my goal with the help of a robo-advisor?

That’s called “rebalancing.” Basically, it involves adjusting the portfolio’s composition by buying and/or selling specific assets in order to realign your target against its target in case market changes influence the asset allocation of said portfolio. Given the flexibility of our platform, we could rebalance depending on the market’s volatility, performance, time, and cost, among other factors.

Who are robo-advisors best suited for?

Robo-advisors are best for people who are keen on investing small sums of money but aren’t that interested in knowing the ins and outs of do-it-yourself (DIY) investing. Basically, robo-advisors are for people who don’t have the time or patience to monitor and study global stock market trends. DIY investing requires self-study and market experience before you become really good at managing your overall financial portfolio.

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