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What kind of APIs are in your API Library?

Bambu’s API library is a treasure trove of cutting-edge tools in the areas of calculators, rebalancing, graphs, health checks, country, and many more. You can explore our API Library here.

Where can I see my clients’ general status and performance?

Bambu’s robo-advisor comes with an administration dashboard that allows you to have a quick overview of all your clients and their performances. Besides that, you can manage elements such as Know Your Customer (KYC) review, transaction workflow, prospect tracking, risk profile configuration, and portfolio management.

Can we use our risk questions for the client onboarding?

Yes. You can either use Bambu’s standard risk questionnaire or your own to measure the overall risk performance.

Do I receive any notifications when client status or performances change?

Yes. You will receive alerts to highlight should there be a need to adjust investment strategies or rebalance any clients’ portfolios that are not on track.

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