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How can I log into Bambu's robo platform?

Bambu is a provider of high-quality software and services that help banks better serve their customers. We have an industry-leading business-to-business (B2B) model, meaning we develop technology for financial and technology institutions.

What are Bambu’s key products?

Bambu designs and builds robo-advisory platforms for business in three different methods:

1. Fully customisable platform – Bambu BUILD. This white-label solution is built to your exact requirements and specifications for your customers and advisors. 
2. Ready-to-go platform – Bambu GO. This personalized solution allows small and medium-sized companies to instantly deploy a robo-advisory platform today. (This product is in beta version. Full details on the launch product will be announced).
3. Robo-advisory API – Bambu API. Our open library of modular digital wealth-building blocks caters to companies that seek a portion of the robo-advisory solution as they may already have a working platform.

What is the scope of your product offering?

Our intelligent wealth management APIs integrate to your platform, mobile app SDK, or mobile-responsive website or component widgets. There are also the frontend design and user interface, integration to custodian and settlement agents, and deployment and hosting, all on the cloud and with ongoing support for the platform.

Who is using your products and services?

We are perfect for financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and disruptors.

Do I need to hold an appropriate regulatory license to serve my target market and segment in relation to digital wealth?

Yes, your business is required to have an appropriate regulatory license or work with a partner holding an appropriate license.

Are your products limited to specific countries or regions?

Bambu products are available everywhere except Antarctica.

Is your platform limited to USD currency?

We cater on an international scale. As a result, there are currencies available based on your requirements.

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