Wealthtech UnWrapped

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WealthTech UnWrapped is a Bambu podcast that dives into the ins and outs of the wealth tech industry. It weaves the narrative between a startup founder, Ned, a newbie to fintech, Daniela, and special guests, bringing unique insights into this growing industry. ​
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Meet Our Hosts

Ned Phillips

Daniela Galarza

Ned Phillips, Bambu Founder, and CEO is a former stockbroker gone serial entrepreneur who founded Bambu in 2016. He believes that the Robo-advisory industry in its early stages and is passionate about making it “not suck.” His favorite thing in the world (after his family, of course) is running.

Daniela Galarza

Daniela Galarza, Campaign Marketing Specialist, originally from Ecuador but moved to work with Bambu in Singapore. She is a self-proclaimed “fintech newbie” passionate about the environment and brings the podcast’s millennial perspective.

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