Onboard Wealth Customers

in 5 minutes. At no cost. Seamlessly.

Ready To Go Robo

Onboard Customers:

In 5 minutes.

Easily onboard new customers through a simple journey. No financial jargon or lengthy forms.

At no cost.

No upfront cost. Pay on success means you only pay for customers who purchase your products or services.


A beautifully designed user journey that seamlessly integrates with your
existing systems.

Our Robo Fits Your
Specific Needs

Our white label solutions simplify your world while improving speed, flexibility, and accuracy. Bambu GO benefits you and your clients with cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates your existing systems for smoother delivery of digital wealth management services.

Bambu GO is one of the industry’s leading Robo solutions, offering businesses of any size and scope the opportunity to deploy a ready-to-go digital wealth management system with zero development or integration.

A Robo-Advisor with a Complete Tool Kit

Zero Coding

All-inclusive technology that requires no development from the client.

Safe & Secured

Hosted & supported by Bambu on AWS under customer’s domain with industry-leading security, and data anonymization.

Fast Delivery

Customize your robo-advisor app with your branding and set up risk questions, products, and portfolio using our dashboard.

Transactions Automated

Comes with instant verification, ACH payments, order management, and rebalancing through Plaid and Apex Clearing.


Grow your business and launch your robo-advisor app with a limited budget. Real-time customer feedback will help you improve your business model.

Intelligent Experience

We have spent years simplifying the customer experience. The journey is driven by personalized data and recommendations.

See Bambu at Work

We've helped leading financial institutions deploy industry leading robo advisory platforms

Read our latest use case on how we built an effective, sleek, and scalable digital solution for a major client in the US. This company wanted to automate wealth for their customers, so we developed an automated internet-based advisory platform that helps people reach their financial goals.

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About Bambu

Bambu is a leading global provider of digital wealth technology for businesses of every size and industry. From finance to commercial or even new disruptors – we transform the digital wealth market. We enable companies to make saving and investing simple and intelligent for their clients. The cloud-based platform is powered by our proprietary algorithms and machine learning tools.

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