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People don’t know what they want until you show them

10. People don’t know what they want until you show them

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You know who said that, right? If you don’t, you have to read till the end…or just Google it.

It got me thinking, what do financial institutions want in the world of WealthTech? I can ask them, and I have. But often they are not sure. Not because they haven’t thought about it. But because it’s a brand new industry. So we have to try to figure it out. Build it. Deliver it. Then we will see if it works.

We have spent 7 years working in WealthTech. In that time, digital wealth has improved so much. If we compare what customers have today to 2016, it’s night and day!

  • Onboarding is digital
  • Automated financial planning is a reality
  • Seamless and instant funding
  • Fractional ETF’s
  • Dramatically reduced cost

Overall, digital wealth is a vastly superior experience than what it was in the past.


But there is still a huge amount more we can do to make WealthTech a better experience for financial institutions and end clients. The level of friction is still too high.

So we got out our crystal ball and tried to think what else financial institutions should be able to have in their ideal WealthTech stack.

Here is what we think is coming:

  • Pre-built global integration to every vendor. Imagine that. No need for any new integration. How good would that be?
  • A full library of every robo-advisor journey and screen ever built – all available to use and download.
  • All investment products in the world are made available through a single API that connects to every custodian and brokerage. (Now that’s a business idea. Build that API and you are gold.)
  • Defi. TradFi. CeDefi. Crypto. Whatever you wish. Whether it makes sense or not.
  • Global open banking so we could get a full picture of every client’s finances so their financial plan is unique and up to date.
  • Frictionless rebalancing that was individual to each person and portfolio.
  • Finally, Bambu GO. An instantly deployable robo-advisor. Hey, you didn’t think you were going to get this far without a mention of Bambu GO, did you? It launches on Monday, May 29th 🙂

The world of digital wealth has so many possibilities. We are working on it every day.
Let us know what else you want in your ideal wealth stack. We will build it. If you can’t
think of anything, we will build it anyway.
And, Steve said that…

Ned Phillips
Founder & CEO










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