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Losing a legend

17. Losing a legend

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The world of robo-advisory has lost the legend of our industry.

Nick Hungerford

The world of robo-advisory lost the absolute legend of our industry on the 6th of July 2023.

Nick Hungerford has died from cancer aged 43.

Nick founded Nutmeg in the UK in 2010.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Nick when he moved to Singapore. I reached out to him when he moved here with his wife as she had a role in Singapore with CNBC as a news presenter. He agreed to meet for a coffee and I was pretty thrilled. I mean this is the guy who started the industry. He was everything you would expect.

He was a true entrepreneur.

Strong of will. Full of charisma. Super smart. And he defined thinking differently. He challenged ideas. He said what he thought. He never settled.

Nick built Nutmeg. He helped to create the robo-advisor industry and he sold Nutmeg to JP Morgan. He did it all. A true legend. Without Nick, it’s quite likely the robo-advisor industry wouldn’t be what it is today

I always felt inspired after spending time with him.

He started a monthly gathering of founders and investors. The people he attracted were always so interesting which totally reflected on him. We all knew he was one of a kind.

I had a coffee with him after he was diagnosed. He was still the same amazing Nick, but I could see that he knew his life now was so much more than building a business or being an entrepreneur. He had a young daughter now as well.

He started a charity before he died to help young children who suffer from losing a parent. It’s called Elizabeth’s Smile.

He wants her and other children who lose a parent to still smile.

Please do consider donating.

Rest well, Nick.

You will be missed.

Ned Phillips
Founder & CEO










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