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Every Wednesday

18. Every Wednesday

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Every Wednesday. Once a week. I write about WealthTech. I do it for Bambu. I do it because I enjoy it. I do it because I think people like it.

I do it because… well, I’m not really sure, I just started it one day when I was having a run.

Was listening to a podcast about marketing. It said to do a newsletter. So I did a newsletter. That was Sunday. The first newsletter came out on Wednesday. JFDI as they say.

Same with my podcast. WealthTech Wednesday. My colleague Dani said,” Shall we do a podcast?”I said yes. A week later, it was out.

There are some things you can just do. Let’s go. Make it happen. They have complexities, but it’s doable.

WealthTech isn’t one of those. You have to take time to figure it out or know how to do it from before. You have to go through the experience of getting it wrong.

Saw this quote the other day in a place I was visiting…

“Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.”

I think that sums up building a lot of technology. Make mistakes. Learn from it. Build it again.

WealthTech especially. So much to learn.

First Robo-advisor we ever built. We didn’t have an automated dividend splitter for the multi-goal product we built. If I have lost you already, you can’t build a robo. So we had to add it on quickly. But we learned from it. Then we built it better. And now that feature is really good.

We have tons of really good features that came from bad decisions. That’s the value that we and other firms in WealthTech bring. You can leverage our experience to shortcut your way to a great product. Or you could make your own bad product… Just saying.

It’s a bit like life. Make lots of decisions. Some good. Some bad. Learn from them. Try to make more good than bad.


Not just on Wednesday.

Every day.

Because you don’t have forever to learn the experiences.

So get busy living.

Ned Phillips
Founder & CEO










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