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What is wealth?

19. What is wealth?

1 min read

Unless you know what wealth is, how do you build tech for it?

Is it money? That’s a good guess for sure. Who doesn’t want more of that? But surely it’s not just money. I have met some stupidly rich people. They didn’t always feel wealthy.

Maybe it’s purpose? What is the point of life if you don’t have a purpose?

Could it be family connection and the number of friends you have?

A famous Harvard study found that the biggest predictor of living long is how many friends and family you have and how much time you spend with them. Hint. The more the better.

Happiness? Surely an important part of being wealthy.

But you know, without health all the money in the world won’t save you. You have to be healthy to enjoy being wealthy.

So, we need an app that helps you maximize your money while staying healthy and having a purpose you enjoy, along with great friends and family.

I know what it is. It’s called the off button.

Sometimes you need to use it.

I did this week.

Back at it now.

Ned Phillips
Founder & CEO










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