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WealthTech Words

23. A WealthTech Poem

So you want a robo?
How to make it a go?

Build, Buy, Partner. API?
Partner, API, Build, Buy?

Maybe you don’t have a clue.
Not surprising. It’s hard to do.

But I’ll give you a plan.
One you can understand.

Start by asking them.
The customers at the end.

They will tell you what is.
Them you must not diss.

Don’t start with all the tech.
No one gives a heck.

Make it far beyond simple.
So easy it feels magical.

Take away almost every screen.
Till it almost seems mean.

Every extra step is a no.
It doesn’t make anyone want to go.

Onboard. KYC. Goals. Fund.
That almost sounds like fun.

Your product’s and ETF’s.
No one gives any F’s.

Help make their dreams real.
That will give them all the feels.

You can use other people’s smarts.
Otherwise, you may never start.

Get rid of those outdated ideas.
Your worries and your fears.

It is not the tech that will stop you.
We can make it possible.

Let’s make today, day one.
Robo for everyone.

Ned Phillips
Founder & CEO










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