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2 Hours 35 Seconds

31. 2 Hours 35 Seconds

3 mins read

Kelvin Kiptum just ran that time at the Chicago Marathon.

2 hours 35 seconds is the new marathon world record. (Kipchoge’s sub 2 hours was amazing but was not counted as a ‘record’ as it was not in a race.)

But no doubt we will see sub-two hours in an actual race. I never thought I would see that in my lifetime.

It goes to show you can do almost anything. Dream it. Believe it. Make it happen.

What’s our sub-2-hour marathon goal for WealthTech?

What seems almost unimaginable but somehow achievable?

I think it’s this:

“The same access, advice, and availability of all wealth products for all people, at all times, regardless of how much money they have and where they are”.

That is a long-winded way of saying.

Wealth for all.

Today, it does not work like that:

Certain people, get certain products, at certain times, depending on who they are, what they have, and where they are.

Makes no sense.

It should be that everyone if they have 1$ of 1$B, has the same access.

The idea is that certain products are only for the rich. BS.

I often hear this refrain:  “Oh mass retail won’t understand it.”

That’s on the financial institution that made the product so complex, (probably to add extra fees).

24/7 access. Instant transactions. Zero commissions. Equitable advice. All are delivered directly to your phone.

The technology exists today. It’s called the Internet.

Imagine it. Wealth that’s fair delivered by tech.

I am not saying we should all have the same amount of wealth. Just that we should all have the same access. No matter who you are and how much you have.

Seems crazy.

They said the same to:







and now Kelvin.

Let’s get at it.


Ned Phillips
Founder & CEO










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