36. What Jack said

I met Jack Ma once. In 2018. For about 10 seconds. Bambu had got into the final 10 of an Alibaba start-up competition. And Jack Ma was walking around saying hi to the final 10 of us. He was very pleasant to talk to. Even though it was only a few seconds. He said one […]

35. Why Start A WealthTech

Because if no one does. Then no one does. All growth comes from risk. WealthTech is no different. And this week is special. Wealthfront announced US$50B in AUM. US$ 200m rev. US$90m EBITDA+. The risk can be worth it! So this week, I am going to share part of the text of my talk at […]

34. The Way

I have a friend. He is awesome. He’s not well. But he’s awesome. He could complain. “It’s not fair”, “ Why me?” But he doesn’t. Just gets on with it. Makes jokes. Pretty inspirational. Whenever start-up life gets hard. His way is the way. Get on with it. Have a good attitude. No better way. […]

33. How to make WealthTech better?

It is not a bad ratio. One out of 33. This is WealthTech Wednesday Number 33. And for the first time, I am promoting Bambu directly. I am proud to say that it’s Bambu who has figured it out. In November we are going to change wealth forever. How? Bambu GO Transact. Bambu GO is […]

32. There Is No Finish Line

Startups and running. These are two of my favorite things. For the past seven years, I have been working on Bambu. A WealthTech startup that builds digital wealth technology for financial institutions. It has been a wild ride. As all startup experiences are. Certainly, it was the most unforgettable experience of my career. And what […]

31. 2 Hours 35 Seconds

Kelvin Kiptum just ran that time at the Chicago Marathon. 2 hours 35 seconds is the new marathon world record. (Kipchoge’s sub 2 hours was amazing but was not counted as a ‘record’ as it was not in a race.) But no doubt we will see sub-two hours in an actual race. I never thought […]

30. AI. Not That One. The Other One.

Accredited Investor. People with enough money to receive financial advice. In English. Rich people. Wait, what? You need a lot of money to get advice on how to make more money? Why? That does not make sense. Surely, the ones without money need the advice? All the fancy high-yielding products go to the people who […]

29. WealthTech A-Z

A – is for API. You don’t know what API stands for? Don’t worry, most people don’t either. B – is for Bambu. You know it. C – is for Crypto. Jokes. D – is for Doing it twice. That is what will happen if you do it on the cheap. E – is for […]

28. The Soul Of Adventure

I don’t read books. Well, not many. I don’t have a whole list of books for you to read to become the best ‘blah blah”. Or ‘the ten books you have to read this summer’. I realize I probably should. But as Abe says to Mike Mc D “You can’t deny who you are” (Sean, […]

27. What I have learned building a B2B WealthTech Start-up

Here is a list of the Top 10 things I have learned building a B2B WealthTech Start-up. Everyone wants free money. I have been asked hundreds of times how my robot beats the market. It doesn’t. I don’t have one of those. No one does. Yet, clients keep asking. If they had one of those […]