5 Factors that Impact the Digital Transformation of Financial Advisory Services

In recent years, the financial services sector has faced many disruptions, from emerging FinTechs to the pandemic and increased regulations. In order to stay competitive, banks would need to engage strategies that adapt to external and internal pressures to improve their services and organizational efficiency. We’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest walk in the […]

Managing Wealth in a Landscape of Emotions and Irrationality

wealth management through robo-advisory

WealthTech: Merging Wealth Management and Technology It’s hardly contestable that money makes the world go round. Emotions often run high when money is involved, and humans, by nature, are not rational creatures. With an abundance of information on financial products fed to investors, they’re often expected to make a rational decision with or without proper […]

Metaheuristics Search for Financial Planning

As clients have unique demands and increasingly expect personalized financial advice, matching them with the right portfolio isn’t always easy. Discover how Bambu’s ‘Health Check’ feature used alongside optimization models can help take this weight off your shoulders by simplifying the recommendation process.  Bambu’s Robo-advisory platform runs a ‘Health Check’ to determine the achievability of […]

Hadoop Ecosystem for a Specific Big Data Problem

As the world becomes more digitized, data processing and management has become a crucial step for sizable companies tackling large data pools to maximize their business decisions and strategies. In recent years, studies have shown that Fortune 1000 companies can gain more than $65 million in additional net income when increasing their data accessibility by […]

The Challenges of WealthTech Transformation

Even though many industries have embraced using digital platforms, we see that the wealth management industry is still hesitant to undergo a full digital transformation. Forbes has reported in a study that found that only 16% of US and Canadian banks make use of fully digitalised verification tools for their customers to open an account […]

Hybrid Models – One Size Fits All are the Relics of The Past

The digital wealth management model of the future

Hybrid Models – One Size Fits all are The Relics of The Past Robo-advisors have taken the wealth management industry by storm with analysts from CNB predicting a $1.2 trillion industry by 2024. Following suit, Deloitte reports wealth tech companies around the globe have shifted their focus towards the development and innovations in Robo-advisors. This, in […]

Fintech in Every Aspect of Our Lives

Fintech in Every Aspect of Our Lives Fintech – the application of new technological advancements to products and services in the finance industry; short for financial technology – has pervaded every aspect of our lives. The union between finance and technology has revolutionized the banking and introduced us to embedded finance – the integration of […]

Accelerate Building Robo advisory with Wealth Management API

Who doesn’t want financial stability? A financial cushion that can serve them and be their back during rainy days? A retirement plan that can offer them the satisfaction of having a filled bank account when they are out of work? A surety that they will be able to pay the hospital bills in case of […]

A Deep Dive into our Software Engineering Team

Our engineering team is a group of passionate and talented individuals who work hard and play hard. What technologies do they use?  The main tech stack the team uses is JavaScript-driven, leveraging ReactJS in the front-end and NodeJS in the back-end. This allows for cross-functional capabilities and interoperability throughout the stack. Javascript is also well […]