Managing Wealth in a Landscape of Emotions and Irrationality

wealth management through robo-advisory

Humans, by nature, are not rational creatures, especially when money is involved. Regardless of how much we have, there are emotions associated with money that impact everyone. An abundance of product information has been forced onto consumers within the wealth management scene, and they are expected to make a rational decision. However, due to our […]

Metaheuristics Search for Financial Planning

Introduction As clients have unique demands and increasingly expect personalized financial advice, matching them with the right portfolio is not always easy. Join us on this walkthrough to uncover how Bambu’s ‘Health Check’ feature used alongside optimization models can help take this weight off your shoulders by simplifying this matching process.  Goal optimization is a […]

Hadoop Ecosystem for a Specific Big Data Problem

As the world becomes more digitized, data processing and management has become a crucial step for sizable companies tackling large data pools to maximize their business decisions and strategies. In recent years, studies have shown that Fortune 1000 companies can gain more than $65 million in additional net income when increasing their data accessibility by […]

The Challenges of WealthTech Transformation

Even though many industries have embraced using digital platforms, we see that the wealth management industry is still hesitant to undergo a full digital transformation. Forbes has reported in a study that found that only 16% of US and Canadian banks make use of fully digitalised verification tools for their customers to open an account […]

Hybrid Models – One Size Fits All are the Relics of The Past

The digital wealth management model of the future

Hybrid Models – One Size Fits all are The Relics of The Past Robo-advisors have taken the wealth management industry by storm with analysts from CNB predicting a $1.2 trillion industry by 2024. Following suit, Deloitte reports wealth tech companies around the globe have shifted their focus towards the development and innovations in Robo-advisors. This, in […]

Fintech in Every Aspect of Our Lives

Fintech in Every Aspect of Our Lives Fintech – the application of new technological advancements to products and services in the finance industry; short for financial technology – has pervaded every aspect of our lives. The union between finance and technology has revolutionized the banking and introduced us to embedded finance – the integration of […]

How Millennials’ relationship with money is reshaping wealth management

What makes each generation unique? From the slang we use to the choices we make, the nature and significance of intergenerational differences has been subject to tireless debate. But as Millennials emerge as the world’s biggest spenders, one crucial difference – their relationship with money – is having a global impact. For wealth managers, understanding […]

Can digital wealth management close the financial advice gap?

As the world has evolved, so has our understanding of how financial strategies can help people achieve their goals. Budgeting, investment and responsible borrowing are just some of the strategies we use to grow wealth, and it seems more accessible than ever as digital innovation surges.  Why, then, are we seeing a widening in the […]

A Promising Future in the APAC Wealth Management Scene

Wealth Management is in a Quandary Recently, we’ve seen Lloyds (UK) being fined £117 million in 2015 for failing to treat customers fairly, and Wells Fargo (US) fined US$3 billion in 2018 for charging clients unanticipated fees. There is a wind of change sweeping the wealth management industry – specifically regulations. Born out of the […]

The Global Wealth Management is Under Pressure

The Global Financial Crisis The 2008 financial crisis was the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, leaving firms and economies in shambles. The leading cause was the housing market bubble. People were borrowing more than they could afford to purchase bigger houses, which drove house prices through the roof. While that was happening, banks […]