What People Really Think About The Future

We recently ran a question poll at Bambu to understand how people think about the future. Of course, we all have our intuitions about the future, but does everyone feel the same? We asked 138 predominantly random people from around the world and found many fascinating things that essentially went against known stereotypes and our […]

Predictions for the next 1,000 years

This post is a synthesis of my predictions for the next millennium, in the form of a third-person narrative of a person born today. The broad themes covered: Fintech, Robo-advisors, Blockchain and Crypto, Automation, Universal Basic Income, Human Longevity, Overpopulation, Virtual Reality, Space Exploration, Space Colonization, Asteroid Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Superintelligence, Consciousness, The Singularity, Particle […]

Startup Lessons from Ayn Rand

I’ve written quite a few “episodes” of Startup Lessons by now, mostly focusing on history, i.e. ancient philosophers and generals. Not today. This is fiction. But not just any old fiction. Ayn Rand, for those unfamiliar, was something of an amateur philosopher, culminating in what we know call Objectivism. It’s a real thing. Most of […]

Startup Lessons from History: Sun Tzu

I’m a startup guy that likes to read about history, and spend a lot of time thinking about… well, stuff. This ongoing series is an exploration and tribute to what history can teach us about startups, and life itself. We’ve spent a lot of time in the ancient West, so why not go East next? […]

What Tom Brady can teach Startups about Failure

That was the winning record of all teams in NFL history, when facing the situation Tom Brady was in during the final minutes of the Super Bowl last Sunday. He made it 1 out of 94. Here’s how. #1: You win games by winning plays Winning in startups, winning in life, it rarely happens in […]

Fintech and Machine Guns

I was having lunch with Luke Janssen, founder of Tigerspike, the other day talking about history. Specifically the first world war, and how technological progress caught humanity off guard like never before. Luke made an interesting connection to the disruption we’re seeing in Fintech today, so I stole his idea and made this post. A […]

The Forgotten Channel

Here’s a fun trivia question for all you digital folks: What digital channel gathers 25,000,000 transactions each month, but doesn’t fit in your pocket? Drumroll… the beloved Automated Teller Machine! By the way, that number is just for DBS in Singapore, who operate the world’s most active ATM network. We recently nabbed a little trophy […]