Hybrid Models – one size fits all are the relics of the past

Robo-advisors are very much the new kids on the block in the realm of wealth management. CNB reports how analysts have predicted Robo-advisory to grow into a $1.2 trillion industry by 2024. With many eyes turned towards Robo-advisory, concerns have been raised about the dwindling role of human advisors. Historically, offering financial advice has been […]

Fintech in every aspect of our lives

Fintech, short for financial technology, has pervaded every aspect of our lives. This union between finance and technology has heavily altered the way banking and finance are being done, revolutionising the way we manage our transactions and assets. What is impressive is that this revolution has become woven so seamlessly into our lives that it […]

Understanding the Basics of Robo-advisors

Investing has long been a human-led experience where people trust financial institutions and their portfolio managers to advise them on potential opportunities. However, this slow-moving approach is quickly becoming a thing of the past with the rise of robo-advisors. But what is a robo-advisor? Simply put, they are an emerging digital technology that provides people […]

How can Wealth Managers and Customers Benefit from Wealth Tech?

Defying Expectations Robo-advisors global AUM is expected to reach the US$1 trillion mark in 2020 and quadruple to US$ 4.6 trillion by 2022.  The rise of Robo-advisory is evident. Now more than ever, it is critical for wealth managers to grasp the opportunity or face getting left behind.  But of course, it is only natural […]

How has Digital Wealth Technology Evolved?

Evolution of Robo-advisors Today, the average person touches their phone an astronomical 2,617 times per day. That works out to be an average of 3 hours 10 minutes per day and just over 1,000 hours on our mobile phones a year! It’s no surprise that the past decade has been labelled as the ‘digital era.’ […]

Top 2 Growth Priorities for Asia’s Wealth Managers

Asia is Experiencing a Slump By 2030 the world’s middle classes will number 4.9 billion and 66% of them will be in Asia. Boosted by the rise of income levels, Asia is poised to be the leader in the asset management industry, as evident by the six consecutive years of growth, at an average of […]

Financial Advisor of the Future: High Tech and High Touch

Future of Financial Advisory What happens when baby boomers’ kids who want nothing to do with their parents’ financial advisor inherit their wealth? Will consumers pay advisory fees when they can quickly build a personalized investment portfolio online for a fraction of the cost? Where is the future of Financial Advisory headed? These are just […]

8 Big Players in the World of Digital Wealth

The Robo-advisor industry grew out of the market collapse in 2008-2009. With Wealthfront and Betterment leading the way, over US$4 trillion has since been invested in ETFs – the main underlying asset of Robo-advisors – as of September 2019; a 190% increase from 2015. Designed to provide an experience that enables trust and empowerment, the […]

The Emerging Investors: Keys to the Growth of Digital Wealth

The Rainbow After The Storm From the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis came Robo-advisors pioneered by Betterment and Wealthfront. The future seemed promising. For instance, in 2016, KPMG projected Robo-advisor’s assets under management (AUM) to reach US$2.2 trillion by 2020. On the other hand, Deloitte projected it to reach US$16 trillion by 2025. Some […]