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Hybrid Models – One Size Fits All are the Relics of The Past

The digital wealth management model of the future

Hybrid Models – One Size Fits all are The Relics of The Past

Robo-advisors have taken the wealth management industry by storm with analysts from CNB predicting a $1.2 trillion industry by 2024. Following suit, Deloitte reports wealth tech companies around the globe have shifted their focus towards the development and innovations in Robo-advisors. This, in turn,  puts to task the structural necessity for future human advisors. While this conundrum may loom over the industry,  it is likely a false binary.  Rather than replacing humans, Robo-advisors aim to enhance the overall efficiency in their processes. The culmination of development towards a hybrid system involving both Robo and human advisors utilizes a combination of human and digital capabilities to its fullest potential. Researchers under Accenture have presented that clients prefer using hybrid models to manage their finances. Let’s look into the operations of a hybrid model and exactly how it may benefit your business.


The Evergrowing Benefits – Accessibility 

Hybrid models – a digital wealth management platform used by the client, paired with a human advisor – ensure clarity amongst clients along the road when facing any difficult financial decisions. The model enables better accessibility between clients and their financial advisors, which ultimately improves the overall process. Tobias Henry posits in The WealthTech Book that the hybrid model “combines the prime components of human-based advice with digital advice”. The culmination between human-based advice with digital advice offers a flexible and tailored digital wealth management solution to clients of all demographics. 


The Evergrowing Benefits – Scalability

Additionally, the usage of a hybrid model explores the use of the digital component to increase an advisor’s scalability. Now, what do we mean by that? Time-efficient work. Digital technology takes care of the laborious backend work, while simultaneously providing human advisors space to ensure quality service. In episode 13 of Bambu’s Wealthtech Unwrapped, Sam Beeby shares the importance of hybrid models in this digital age. Noting that Robo-advisors alone are yet to offer holistic lifetime advice. Therefore, the demographic surrounding the wealth tech platform and Robo-advisory users consist of financially abled clients. This illustrates the need for a hybrid model which caters to a wider range of demographics. 

April Rudin shares that “ultra-high net worth boomers” have the highest rate of digital technology adoption. This is due to its accessibility to global and sophisticated portfolios. A hybrid model best equips a user’s trust in technology. In episode 24, Chuin Ting – CEO of MoneyOwl – notes that technology is influenced by human biases and as a result, technology has specific trust attributes that are navigated by both managers and clients. Foster trusting relationships with technology to highlight the importance of implementing a hybrid model in the digital wealth management industry.


Partnerships: Moving Forward

Ultimately, hybrid models utilize the strengths of both digital and human advisors and compensate for both parties’ weaknesses. Rather than viewing the two forms of advisory in silos, the potential benefits illustrated here to highlight how they should be used in tandem to create a top digital management model. 

Are you looking to create your own hybrid Robo-advisor platform? With years of experience under our belt, we at Bambu are well equipped to service all of your Robo-advisory needs. Contact us at to learn more about how we can help seamlessly integrate a fully customizable Robo-advisory solution in order to provide your clientele with a fluid hybrid experience.


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