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How Digital Wealth Is Transforming Your Customers

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Key takeaways

  • There is no perfect solution to addressing the digital gap. It depends on what works best for you and your company 
  • Qualitative data collection, such as asking clients key questions, can better inform you of where they are in their journey of wealth creation
  • Get out of the echo chamber. Ask people from different industries and different age groups how they feel about their money and find out what is important to them

Anthony Caneva

General manager, member engagement, Wellbeing at IOOF Holdings Ltd

Greater Melbourne Area

General manager, member engagement, Wellbeing at IOOF Holdings Ltd

Greater Melbourne Area

Qn 1: What’s the number one thing that your customers want and what matters to them most? 

Answer: The answer to this question doesn’t necessarily begin with technology. What people genuinely want is to feel secure and confident that their finances are well taken care of. They want to know that they can manage it themselves and if they are not comfortable doing so, they want an avenue to speak to someone who will assist them. Digital assists us in solving these concerns.

Qn 2: What strategies have you used to address the digital gap?

Answer: There is tension between the push for simplicity and the momentum behind super apps. Essentially, it comes down to whether we want to solve every problem or solve one problem really well. The strategy you choose should be linked to your purpose, target audience, and issues they face. These factors make up your direction and inform you of what approach you should adopt.

Qn 3: Which solutions do you currently, or have tried to, use to address the digital gap? 

Answer: As there is no single solution that will solve everything, personalisation is key. It is essential to recognise that everyone is at their own unique point in the journey of wealth creation. It took us over 100 years to know that everyone needs a balanced equity portfolio as an industry. We cannot expect someone who just turned 21 and received their first paycheck to understand or relate to this. Thus, it is essential to start clients off wherever they are, supporting and adapting with them on their journey.

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