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How Digital Wealth Is Transforming Your Customers

Key takeaways

  • Solving the digital gap is all about trial and error
  • Having a good idea does not necessarily mean that clients will fit into the right mold for it
  • Innovate. The right solution for your company to address the digital gap could be still undiscovered

Ben O’Leary

Co-Portoflio Manager at Marcus Today

Greater Melbourne Area

Co-Portoflio Manager at Marcus Today

Greater Melbourne Area

Qn 1: What’s the number one thing your customers want and what matters to them most? 

Answer: Trust and transparency. Marcus Today acknowledges these as highly important and is a brand built on these two qualities. Digital facilitates this as the company grows, allowing the company to maintain relations with clients without stretching ourselves too thin.

Qn 2: What strategies have you used to address the digital gap?

Answer: Unlike financial planners, we do not have 1-1 conversations with clients to explain what we’re doing. To facilitate trust and transparency, we utilise digital platforms to offer them a look under the hood. These include podcasts and webinars where investors can better understand what moves our company is making and why.

Qn 3: Which solutions do you currently, or have tried to, use to address the digital gap? 

Answer: The most important thing is how you’re presenting any information. In the past, every piece of communication we created was delivered through email or posted on our website. Nowadays, we utilise social media and discussion groups where members can interact with us and each other. These methods increase financial literacy and allow clients to utilise us better.

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