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How Digital Wealth Is Transforming Your Customers

Key takeaways

  • Offering personalised services to your target audience is crucial to staying relevant today
  • Having the right partners, data portability, and an API-first approach are table stakes these days
  • Getting people started on planning for the future is a simple process

Mike Kruger

Chief Executive Officer at Autumn Life

Chief Executive Officer at Autumn Life

Qn 1: What’s the number one thing your customers want, and what matters to them most? 

Answer: We’re trying to help simplify planning for the future, especially in an industry as complicated as ours. This means helping people understand what they need to do and the steps that they need to take. We’re also trying to protect our customers from the lack of information and misinformation in the industry, making sure they receive information and products that are most suitable for them. Finally, we’re enabling them to take action in planning for the future by providing the tools and platforms they need.

Qn 2: What strategies have you used to address the digital gap?

Answer: Keeping investing simple and fun is important. This is one of the changes we’ve seen due to the rise of digital investment platforms that enable everyone to get involved. When people observe that those around them are investing, the perspective they have about investments being too difficult will change.

Also, it’s crucial to understand your customers well and having a customer-centric approach is the way of the future. Digitalization has compressed fees and made things enormously competitive. The only way to stay relevant is to deeply know your customer and provide a service that is specific to them. 

Qn 3: Which solutions do you currently, or have tried to, use to address the digital gap? 

Answer: Some of the big changes are around open banking and open finance. Institutions are opening up their platforms, empowering customers to use their own data as they see fit. At Autumn, we’re not looking to invent our own wheels but to take advantage of open finance and partner with best-in-class providers across different aspects. From there, we focus on integrating the whole lot to have an aggregate of data and services which will allow users to use their own data to get the best insights. 

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