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How Digital Wealth Is Transforming Your Customers

Key takeaways

  • Digital wealth management tools enable the delivery of personalised advice
  • Digital systems simplify the user experience when it comes to investing
  • AI can simplify decision making by removing the emotional aspect 

Yukiko Roberts

General Manager, CIO office at SBI Securities

General Manager, CIO office at SBI Securities

Qn 1: What’s the number one thing your customers want, and what matters to them most? 

Answer: In the past, investors have largely been passive and were told what to do. Now, they find themselves on the other side of the chasm by being overloaded with information. Digital wealth management tools will help to bridge the gap between these two extremes by providing objectively personalised advice. 

Qn 2: What strategies have you used to address the digital gap?

Answer: I focused on the psychology surrounding investment. The term investment may sound intimidating for many and it is important to lower this barrier. With complex digital systems operating in the background, we are now able to significantly simplify the user experience and make platforms fun to use.

Qn 3: Which solutions do you currently, or have tried to, use to address the digital gap? 

Answer: In my personal opinion, it comes down to 2 things. Firstly, quality AI can make our lives easier by removing the emotional element of decision making. Secondly, we need to teach the right things to AI. This means paying careful attention to who is making the algorithm and the agendas they might have. While a trained professional is always better than a machine, the consistency that machines provide cannot be matched.

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