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04. Ned DMs Gary Vee

04. Ned DMs Gary Vee

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Key takeaways

  • Building trust is key to marketing
  • Don’t wait to start building up content
  • Use all the resources you have to grow your business

This week, Ned and Dani chat about the ABCs of marketing using Bambu as a case study. 

“Build it, and they will come” – a common myth about sales and marketing. Ned believes that the word will never get out without marketing, and no one will be coming. To grow a company, one cannot shy away from hard work and investing hours into building such channels to develop a trusting relationship with clients. To get products into people’s hands, building trust comes from branding, marketing, recognition, and accessibility. For Bambu, a lot of time has been spent creating content, entering competitions, and attending conferences to get our brand recognised.

Dani shares that content marketing is vital to growth. The marketing team at Bambu has compiled whitepapers to feature products and services that also document the fantastic clients we have worked with. Creating SEO optimised blog posts also contributes to growing a brand as it is crucial to attracting traffic. This is especially critical in the B2B world as your company needs to be well-positioned in order for others to find you when they come looking. 

In marketing, it is crucial to start with creating what content you can. If you adopt a mindset of waiting for more clients before you begin content marketing, you will probably never start creating the content you need. Failure might be inevitable when starting a new marketing campaign, but learning what went wrong is essential for making your next campaign a success. Another key to success is fully utilising the resources you have. If you’re lucky to get a well-known client, working closely with them and leveraging on their name can take your business to new heights. Even getting a journalist from a big agency to pick up a piece of content you have produced can go a long way.

Finally, it is essential to nurture an audience and have them believe in your brand. Bambu is attempting to develop a presence in the US which is already filled with fintech companies. Yet, close to 80% of people in America do not have enough savings for retirement due to inaccessibility and lack of knowledge. We believe that Bambu can positively impact these people’s lives, which is the message that we are trying to sell. Selling your message to your audience will help generate a following  and foster trust, which is the goal of marketing. 

Having spent four years marketing the company, Bambu has so many incoming clients that we have not made an outgoing sales call in over a year. Take it from us. Investing time and effort into marketing pays off. 

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