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100. The Path to Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship with Luke Janssen

100. The Path to Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship with Luke Janssen

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Key takeaways

1) Passion and a desire to solve problems can be strong drivers for starting successful businesses. 

2) Marketing and sales are incredibly important, especially in the early days of a startup. Getting a product in front of potential customers through creative marketing strategies is essential for growth.

3) Purpose-driven businesses that empower smaller players have an important role to play.

In a momentous milestone, the 100th episode of WealthTech Unwrapped welcomes Luke Janssen, one of the co-founders of Bambu. Joining forces with Ned, they embark on a retrospective journey, revisiting the early days of Bambu and recounting the unique entrepreneurial paths that led them here today.

Luke’s entrepreneurial voyage, which began with Tigerspike and has now evolved into his role in running a venture studio, is a tale of passion and transformation. His frustration with industries like wealth management and insurance fueled his drive to disrupt them. He shares lessons learned from his multiple startup experiences, emphasizing the importance of sales and marketing. Additionally, they discuss the importance of certifying social impact and challenges of innovation, especially within large corporations.

Luke highlights the value of purpose-driven businesses that empower smaller players. Large corporations can become bureaucratic and fail to innovate, creating opportunities for more agile companies with a focus on social impact. Jensen expressed optimism about technologies solving issues like climate change. The founders also take a moment to stroll down memory lane, reflecting on Bambu’s formative years and its awe-inspiring seven-year journey.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Luke Janssen

Serial Entrepreneur & Co-founder

Luke Janssen, a Co-founder of Bambu, BetaCarbon, Dungbeetle, and more, is a true serial entrepreneur. He serves as the General Partner at Mangosteen Venture Studio, a dedicated hub for founding and nurturing purpose-driven, sustainable businesses. Luke's journey includes the founding and successful sale of Tigerspike, where he steered its transformation from a three-person mobile technology startup into the world's leading digital products company, boasting 300 employees across eight offices and pioneering mobile-enabled disruption in the financial sector. In his spare time Luke sails competitively, completing the Sydney to Hobart yacht race in 2004. Luke is also the 2009 world whistling (not wrestling) champion.

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