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101. How to Not Be Criminal at FinTech Marketing with Shameer Sachdev

101. How to Not Be Criminal at FinTech Marketing with Shameer Sachdev

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Key takeaways

1) A consistent content strategy across owned channels is essential for B2B FinTech lead generation, fostering trust and awareness.

2) Experiment with messaging to find the most effective ways to engage prospects, as even small changes can significantly impact response rates.

3) While creative tactics can accelerate conversations, don’t overlook the basics; accurate targeting and relationship-building are foundational for B2B FinTech marketing success.

In this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned chats with Shameer Sachdev, the Founder and Managing Director of Growth Gorilla about digital marketing strategies for FinTechs. They share their battle-tested tactics for effectively generating qualified leads through a strategic blend of content creation, events, and innovative outreach.

Shameer begins by diving into the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, emphasizing the pivotal role of content in not only fostering awareness but in shaping the perceptions of a B2B brand. He highlights that paid marketing solutions serve as an amplification tool rather than a performance tool, with content serving as the cornerstone for driving awareness and establishing brand identity.

Shameer observes that the lack of understanding and inability to get in front of customers are common reasons why B2B companies struggle with content marketing. To overcome this challenge, he underscores the necessity for CEO courage, as it is pivotal for an organization to take calculated risks in its marketing strategy. As they exchange notable success stories in the realm of B2B marketing, it becomes evident that despite the evolving landscape, the key to success in B2B marketing still relies on mastering the basics.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Shameer Sachdev

Growth Gorilla

Shameer Sachdev serves as the Founder and Managing Director of Growth Gorilla, a leading growth marketing agency for FinTechs. Prior to this, Shameer held key roles as a Growth Advisor at Gotrade, Marketing Director at Spread Co, and Sales & Marketing Director at Logic Investments. With an extensive background in marketing within the financial industry and startup ecosystem, Shameer also hosts 'The FML Podcast,' a platform tailored for FinTech marketers and industry leaders.

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