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102. A Nuanced View of Blockchain and Crypto with Kelvin F.K. Low

102. A Nuanced View of Blockchain and Crypto with Kelvin F.K. Low

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Key takeaways

1) Blockchain technology brings new risks like immutability and self-custody, which place more responsibility and potential losses on users compared to traditional financial systems.

2) The most significant cybersecurity threats stem from social engineering and targeting individuals rather than system vulnerabilities, making prevention and law enforcement efforts challenging. 

3) There are significant open questions around the scalability, security, and real-world utility of blockchain that advocates have yet to convincingly address, suggesting widespread adoption may still be far off.

On this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, join Ned as he engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Professor Kelvin Low on the promises and pitfalls of cryptocurrency.

As one of the few crypto skeptics in academia, Professor Low shares his nuanced legal perspective on blockchain’s ability to revolutionize ownership and disrupt traditional finance. While crypto believers tout their potential to democratize money, he questions whether the technology truly addresses real-world problems or merely shifts risk onto users.

Tune in for an insightful debate that looks beyond the hype to dissect crypto’s value proposition and adoption challenges. This debate is a must-listen for anyone looking to cut through the noise and gain a balanced, intellectually rigorous understanding of blockchain’s potential to transform our digital future.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Kelvin F.K. Low

National University of Singapore

Kelvin F.K. Low is a professor of law at the National University of Singapore. He read law at the National University of Singapore and Oxford University. Prior to his tenure at NUS, he taught at several prestigious institutions, including the University of Hong Kong, Singapore Management University, and City University of Hong Kong. In 2018, he served as an External Member for the University of Hong Kong's Juris Doctor Programme Review Panel. His extensive academic contributions encompass publications in renowned journals like the Law Quarterly Review, Modern Law Review, International & Comparative Law Quarterly, American Journal of Comparative Law, Melbourne University Law Review, Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, and Legal Studies. He has also written papers on topics such as blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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