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105. Mastering the Art of Unforgettable Events with Danny Levy

105. Mastering the Art of Unforgettable Events with Danny Levy

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Key takeaways

1) To maximize your presence and impact at events, it’s essential to put in the effort to stand out.  Don’t just blend in with the crowd; find ways to be memorable and unique.

2) Use content creation to enhance your event experience, capturing moments for long-term marketing use.

3) In-person interactions at events are difficult to replace with digital alternatives. Even as technology evolves, the core of many events will still be about meeting people in person.

In this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned speaks with Danny Levy, the Managing Director of Money 20/20. With over two decades of experience organizing conferences under his belt, Danny shares how companies can optimize their strategies to maximize ROI at trade shows.

Danny highlights the importance of making an effort to stand out at events and not just going through the motions. This includes creating compelling content, running engaging activities at your booth, and leveraging opportunities to capture valuable moments for later use. Danny also stresses the importance of consistent human interaction over passive branding. For those seeking new connections, he outlines ways to work a room through facilitated discussions and roundtables.

The events industry is continually evolving, and staying ahead means adapting to new trends and technologies while keeping the essence of personal interaction alive. Danny’s insights shed light on how the events industry can continue to thrive and provide value to businesses and professionals in the years to come.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Danny Levy

Managing Director Asia & ANZ, Money20/20

Danny Levy serves as the Managing Director for the Asia, Australia, and New Zealand regions at Money20/20, a leading platform dedicated to content, sales, and networking within the global financial ecosystem. With over a decade of experience in senior leadership roles in Singapore, Danny has cultivated expertise in sales and marketing. In addition to his role at Money20/20, Danny is the host and founder behind the Top 100 Business podcast, "Digital Transformation & Leadership." He frequently lends his insights and expertise as a speaker and moderator at both digital and physical events. Moreover, he contributes as an author and podcast host for the South China Morning Post (SCMP) on topics related to digital transformation.

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