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106. Drag-and-Drop Digital Wealth: Bambu & WealthKernel Launch SaaS Robo-advisor

106. Drag-and-Drop Digital Wealth: Bambu & WealthKernel Launch SaaS Robo-advisor

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Key takeaways

1) Bambu GO Transact offers financial advisors a SaaS solution for creating, deploying, and managing customized digital wealth offerings with a user-friendly interface.

2) Bambu GO Transact eliminates the technical and financial barriers for advisors to have their digital advice solutions.

3) This innovative partnership has the potential to disrupt the wealth management industry by introducing a new era of API-driven, SaaS-based platforms.


In this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned sits down with returning guest Karan Shanmugarajah of WealthKernel to discuss their new partnership that is poised to transform the digital wealth management industry by making robo-advisory capabilities accessible to every financial advisor.

Introducing Bambu GO Transact, the world’s first SaaS-based Robo-advisor. By harnessing Bambu’s expertise in digital client experiences and seamlessly integrating it with WealthKernel’s transactional platform through APIs, they have crafted a multi-tenant robo-advisory solution. In just a few short months, they’ve developed a fully integrated platform that allows advisors to build, deploy, and manage their own customized digital wealth solutions with just a few drags and drops.

Bambu GO Transact removes the barriers that previously prevented widespread adoption of digital advice. Advisors can now offer clients a seamless onboarding, investment, and servicing experience without the high costs or technical complexities of building solutions in-house. 

Bambu GO could disrupt the entire wealth management industry by ushering in an era of API-driven, SaaS-based operations. 

Bambu GO Transact is set to go live this month. Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the first to experience it – find out more here.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Karan Shanmugarajah CFA®

CEO & Co-Founder, WealthKernel

Karan is the CEO and Co-Founder of WealthKernel, providing investment, savings and wealth infrastructure to help businesses build and offer functionalities in flexible, cost-effective, and creative ways. Prior to this, Karan was a portfolio manager at Barclays and WealthSmart. He is a CFA® charter holder and holds an MSc in Accounting and Finance from CASS Business School in London. Karan has also founded TAP UK, a not-for-profit organization that focuses on supporting the Tamil community in London with networking, entrepreneurial, and growth opportunities.

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