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46. 2021 Wrapped Up

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Key takeaways

  • 12 guest highlights from conversations around wealth tech and beyond.
  • Ned’s advice to financial advisors.
  • An important announcement about January 2022.

As we approach the end of yet another year, this podcast episode rounds up some of the best insights and learnings our guests have shared with us through 2021. It is a portrait of what we have observed from the ever-evolving wealth tech industry as well as a hopeful look towards better and bigger transformation ahead. Beyond that, we would also like to take this chance to show appreciation to the numerous guests who have taken the time to appear on our podcast to share their thoughts. We have selected 14 commentaries that encompass some compelling opinions on the wealth tech space. These topics include reflections on the sustainability movement in wealth tech, mental health support for founders of startups, and why individuals should start their own businesses. This episode also contains remarks about the limitations of the term ‘robo-advisory’ and how financial advisors can keep pace with the digitization of wealth. Have a listen to industry experts discuss various aspects of their experiences and what we can do to make wealth tech suck less.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Dani and Ned


Dani and Ned are the hosts of Wealthtech Unwrapped

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