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54. What will happen to WealthTech?

54. What will happen to WealthTech?

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Key takeaways

  • For B2B tech providers, prioritize products that generate revenue.
  • Markets in Africa and the UAE reflect promising opportunities to grow WealthTech services competitively. 
  • Financial institutions should avoid bargaining with startups just because they’re smaller in capacity.

Bambu is back with another episode of WealthTech Unwrapped after a short hiatus. In this episode, Ned and Dani share their thoughts on the state of the financial markets and what financial institutions as well as tech startups can do to keep pace with the changing wealth management landscape. The past few months have been decidedly harsh as markets are crashing and the world enters a bear market. Although this is a normal process, inexperienced investors might be influenced by social media discourse to be fearful and impulsive in their financial decisions. 

Looking into the future of the WealthTech space, Ned believes that promising opportunities will come from Africa and the UAE, where the WealthTech scene is just starting to grow competitively. On the other hand, as the US market is generally saturated with digital financial services, there will be consolidation of services and brands.

B2B tech providers are often subjected to budgets defined by financial institutions that employ them, and financial services firms are focussed on the returns that WealthTech providers can generate. B2B WealthTech providers should direct their efforts into strategies that produce revenues for their clients to attract and retain customers. In order to maximize the partnerships between large financial institutions and B2B tech startups that’s based on mutual respect and commitment, firms should avoid bargaining with tech providers for a ‘better deal’. In the long-run, the return on investment is rarely satisfactory when smaller tech companies are struggling to provide quality services with minimal capital. 

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Ned and Dani


Our CEO and Marketing Manager, Ned Phillips and Daniela Galarza, co-host WealthTech Unwrapped in search of the best insights from industry experts worldwide.

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