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57. Riding the FinTech wave with Felix Schulte

57. Riding the FinTech wave with Felix Schulte

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Key takeaways

  1. Digital content is a great way to connect with your clients.
  2. Grow your core business before you expand.
  3. Financial services and products should be centralized under a main body to provide a more holistic and accessible channel. 

This week on WealthTech Unwrapped, Felix Schulte, co-founder of RIDE Capital joins Ned to discuss wealth building, from producing video content to fueling financial inclusion. 

Speaking from his own studio setup, Felix shares how his informative video content on YouTube has helped clients to better navigate their services, effectively reducing the average consultation time from 40 minutes to just 11 minutes. RIDE Capital is centered upon the mission to help more individuals build wealth faster through tax advisory. Leveraging on the strategies that higher net worth individuals invest and manage their wealth, Felix hopes to democratize wealth structuring and planning with low costs and higher returns. 

On providing a holistic approach to investing, Felix mentions that many emerging FinTech companies are too focused on unbundling services. This promotes multiple channels that individuals have to balance at one time in order to get the most of their investment strategies. He believes that a “general contractor” that helps clients systemize and manage all their financial products would provide a more holistic approach to wealth management. 

As more individuals are looking to build their wealth, Ned and Felix discuss the influence of cryptocurrency as well as how professional athletes like German footballer Mario Götze and multiple Hollywood artists have ventured into the investment arena. In 10 years time, Felix hopes that building wealth with RIDE Capital would have made a positive and sustaining impact on their clients’ lives.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Felix Schulte

RIDE Capital

Felix Schulte is the Co-Founder of RIDE Capital, a wealth management firm that aims to build clients’ financial foundation to help them invest just like an institutional investor. RIDE Capital is not Felix’s first endeavor into the entrepreneurial landscape and has founded multiple e-commerce businesses. Currently, Felix is working on bringing real estate investments to the masses through blockchain.

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