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63. Reimagining Investment Research with Raghav Kapoor

63. Reimagining Investment Research with Raghav Kapoor

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Key takeaways

  1. Insights sit at the center of the capital markets ecosystem.
  2. With an explosion of information and data, the expertise of analysts are fragmented and banks are unable to retain them within their organizations.
  3. To build a new economy of research business is to fundamentally restate the definition of research.

This time on WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned welcomes long-time friend Raghav Kapoor, CEO and Co-Founder of SmartKarma. They discuss Raghav’s entry into the investment research industry, his experience as an startup founder as well as the trends and challenges in the wealth management space. 

7 years ago, Raghav realized that investment services were usually exclusive to the high-net-worth investors and he knew that was the area he wanted to improve one way or another. With a mission to reimagine and rebuild investment banking services, he noticed a gap in the flow of information in capital markets. With that, he sought to guide SmartKarma towards democratizing access to institutional-quality research data.

Ned and Raghav discuss SmartKarma’s business model and how they differentiate themselves from competitors in the market. Raghav shares that they focus on customer segmentation and offer premiumized services to further personalize their insights and access to data.

As compared to Cryptos and NFTs, investment banking is often thought of as a boring affair. Raghav doesn’t shy away from that description, instead he emphasizes on the sustainability of investing the right way. Ned and Raghav also comment on recent WealthTech trends like Buy Now, Pay Later and how investing in personal development is as important as its monetary counterpart.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Raghav Kapoor


Raghav Kapoor is the CEO and Co-Founder of SmartKarma, a decentralized Investment Research Network that connects insights providers, investors and investor relations professionals. Although not his first foray into entrepreneurship, he wishes that SmartKarma can help to democratize access to institutional-quality research. With years of experience under his belt, starting out with equity sales and having been a part of a startup in his early days in Stanford, Raghav brings an insightful perspective to the world of wealth management.

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