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65. A Virtual Water Cooler Talk with Haja Mohaideen

65. A Virtual Water Cooler Talk with Haja Mohaideen

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Key takeaways

  1. Highlighting a few of the major milestones Bambu has achieved.
  2. On building a dedicated and fulfilled team that leaves a positive impact on our products.
  3. What we aim to do better as we continue to grow.

Tune in to our last podcast of 2022 with Bambu’s COO, Haja Mohaideen. Ned and Haja catch each other by a virtual water cooler and share their thoughts on Bambu’s best moments in 2022 and how far we’ve come.

Going back to the beginning, Ned and Haja first met at Tigerspike and since then, Haja has gradually built the foundations for agile processes that corresponded to Bambu’s growth without losing the spark of the startup culture. Being the conductor of Bambu’s operations, Haja discusses the shift in working styles that the team had to adapt to when the pandemic hit. He also shares what he looks out for in order to build a successful team that lasts.

Speaking of major milestones that Bambu has reached this year, Ned and Haja recount our partnerships with Standard Chartered Bank Kenya as well as Microsoft. More recently, we announced that our award-winning WealthTech solutions manage over US$2 billion in AUM for clients across the globe. While acknowledging these achievements, Ned and Haja reflect on processes that we aim to improve on as the new year rolls around. As the chat nears the end, Haja is asked about a KPI that he wishes Bambu would reach in 5 years. 

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Haja Mohaideen


Haja Mohaideen is the COO at Bambu and has more than 10 years of experience in the technology sector. He is focussed on the FinTech and WealthTech industries, particularly on company profitability, scalability and delivery of tier 1 client programs. Before Haja joined Bambu, his experience spans across major firms like Tigerspike and Standard Chartered Bank, among others. Coincidentally, it was at Tigerspike that Ned and Haja were first introduced to one another.

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