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66. UK’s Digital Wealth Management Landscape with Sam Turner

66. UK’s Digital Wealth Management Landscape with Sam Turner

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Key takeaways

  1. The amount of investment fund doesn’t make the need for advice any less complex.
  2. The distinction between financial planning guidance and advice is blurring.
  3. It’s important to reduce the complexity in the way advisors communicate the value of financial products.

This time on WealthTech Unwrapped, Sam Turner, Director of Wealth at Altus, joins Ned to discuss the adoption and challenges of digital wealth management in the UK. They talk about the complexities of regulations and what the integration of digital services mean for advisors and their clients.

When COVID hit, the reality and benefits of Robo-advisory became more tangible and a great tool to get advice across to a wider set of consumer segment. Speaking about the adoption of digital wealth advice on the consumer side in the UK, Sam believes that communicating to the client in the way that they understand is something that has to be prioritized. Moreover, the challenge for uptake of digital advice is to get people to care about their financial habits.

Ned and Sam considers the value of goals-based investing and the implementation of such approach to encourage investors to save and invest. Sam believes that this solution needs to be carefully monitored in order for it to be successfully and properly implemented. Ned and Sam also discuss the opportunity to use innovative technology to make wealth advice less complex and accessible.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Sam Turner


Sam Turner is the Director of Wealth at Altus, a financial and business systems solutions firm based in Bath, Somerset. His experience spans across business and technical aspects of financial services with a particular focus on wrap platforms and products. Sam is also passionate about bridging the advice gap through the use of technology.

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