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71. The Power of Advice and Technology in Wealth Management with Philipp Hecker

71. The Power of Advice and Technology in Wealth Management with Philipp Hecker

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Key takeaways

1) Comprehensive, holistic advice should be the backbone of client engagement leading to higher rewards for advisors.
2) Cybersecurity has become an important feature and element of all Fintech, and it is considered an expectation rather than a standalone offering.
3) The wealth management industry is guilty of being too complex and should be simplified for the benefit of both clients and advisors.

On this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned speaks with Philipp Hecker, Co-founder and CEO of Bento Engine. They discuss the Wealth Management industry and how technological advancements have paved the way for it to be more client-centric and consumer-friendly.

He believes comprehensive and holistic advice enhances the client experience and outcomes to a different level. In return, the advisors win with higher loyalty, referral rates, and share of wallet. He also highlights that digital marketing is one of the areas that will bring wealth management and financial planning to the forefront for many individuals. However, he suggests that the wealth management industry is guilty of being complex. He highlights that it is important to simplify things and be transparent and that sharing a growth mindset will always be beneficial.



Meet Our Guest Speaker

Philipp Hecker is the Co-Founder and CEO

Bento Engine

Philipp Hecker is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bento Engine, a FinTech at the intersection of technology and wealth management advice. Before Bento Engine, Philipp joined J.P. Morgan in 2013, where he held several wealth management leadership positions through 2020, including Global Head of Strategy. He also launched and led J.P. Morgan’s Wealth Planning & Advice organization, which includes The Advice Lab, The Philanthropy Centre, and the firm-wide Goals-Based Advice teams. Philipp is passionate about financial planning, behavioural finance and advice beyond investing. Hi is focused on tech-driven advisor enablement, benefiting clients, their families, and their communities.

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