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72. Decoding the Complexities Behind Financial Data with Tim Baker

72. Decoding the Complexities Behind Financial Data with Tim Baker

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Key takeaways

1) Most big firms came about because they started acquiring fundamental data such as databases of companies, financials, or estimates,

2) Independent data providers are up and coming as they utilize modern technologies to gain an advantage over big players.

On this week’s episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned speaks with Tim Baker, Managing Director, Financial Services Practice Lead at Expero Inc, about the history of financial data, the complexities that lie within it, and how it plays a vital role in the modern age, especially in WealthTech.

Being well-versed in financial data, Tim emphasizes that the future lies in technological advancements and that automation is key. He highlights that independent data providers are more efficient as they have adapted against competition from larger organizations and that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has given them an edge over traditional players. This has allowed them to normalize data as it is organized at the source, enabling it to be readily available and on demand.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Tim Baker

Expero Inc.

Tim has over 30 years of US financial services expertise across a wide variety of disciplines, from sell side research, banking, M&A, technology, data and data science. Tim has served in senior roles at IEX, UBS, Refinitiv and Thomson Reuters, while also working for and investing in smaller fintech firms. In 2021, Tim founded Blue-Sky Thinking as a fintech consultancy and investment firm, working with firms like BMLL – a leader in Level 3 Exchange data, LSEG, and Expero – a technology product and consulting business where he now leads the Financial Services Practice.

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