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75. The Complexities Behind Digitalization in WealthTech with Laurent Bertrand

75. The Complexities Behind Digitalization in WealthTech with Laurent Bertrand

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Key takeaways

1) Financial planning is a means to understand clients while engaging them in a meaningful and scalable way. The best way to do this is to be comprehensive yet simple, which is easier said than done.

2) While the finance industry adopts digitalization, there is still a struggle behind human engagement as some financial products require emotional investment.

This time, on WealthTech Unwrapped, two WealthTech Founders, Laurent Bertrand, CEO and co-founder at BTO (Better Trade-Off Pte Ltd), and Ned, have a fruitful discussion about building and running a WealthTech start-up.

Laurent believes financial planning needs to be meaningful and scalable to understand clients while providing a solution that works best for them, and highlights the importance of bringing it across in the most compliant and natural way possible.

On digitalization in the Finance industry, Laurant acknowledges its difficulties. Though financial products and services are more accessible online today, not all of them can be sold the same way. Some require emotional investment, which is difficult to do digitally. That being said, he believes that the key to running a WealthTech start-up in the modern age lies in a great strategy that tackles every angle of the finance ecosystem while being executional. By doing so, start-ups can scale faster with their clients and reap the rewards.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Laurent Bertrand

BTO (Better Trade Off Pte Ltd)

Laurent Bertrand is the CEO and co-founder of BTO (Better Trade Off Pte Ltd), a Singapore-headquartered FinTech start-up that’s developed a life-planning platform to help people re-imagine their future and unleash new possibilities through better decisions. As a seasoned executive with over 20 years of international experience, Laurent has delivered large-scale business transformations by leading the development and adoption of new information technologies, data management, advanced analytics, and business intelligence solutions for world-class companies in Financial Services and Tech industries, He has a longstanding track record of pioneering innovative and scalable digital solutions to accelerate growth by engaging and partnering with all management levels, from C-suite leaders to experts across multiple functions, industries, and cultures. Laurent has also notably established a leading organization covering product ownership, data management, reporting, and analytics with teams spanning multiple locations in Asia. He has also put his customer obsession and broad experience ranging from strategy definition to execution at the service of start-ups in Singapore, acting as an angel investor or an advisor for over a decade.

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