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77. A Heart to Heart About Sales and WealthTech with Pamela Cytron

77. A Heart to Heart About Sales and WealthTech with Pamela Cytron

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Key takeaways

1) The main focus for sales is to get potential prospects excited about what you are selling.

2) Networking and connecting with peers is helpful when it comes to understanding the value of products and services in the industry. This is vital to de-risking a product’s value in the long run

On this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned speaks with fellow entrepreneur Pamela Cytron, partner at WealthTech Ventures Inc, Advisory Board Member for First Rate Ventures and First Rate Inc and
Member, Board of Directors for Privacy Lock. They discuss everything from WealthTech, insurance, and innovation in the industry, along with the importance of proper sales techniques and principles to survive in the business.

When it comes to sales, Pamela highlights that the job of a salesperson is to get potential prospects excited and that you have to sell with a purpose in mind. She also maintains that you don’t need a colourful list of clients, prestige, the best logos, or the right brand to succeed. Instead, it is important to have the right process and have true grit in order to be great at sales.

Catch the full episode and grab all the insights from their discussion.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Pamela Cytron

WealthTech Ventures Inc.

Pamela Cytron is an award-winning Technology Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Investor. Her unique expertise includes a clear vision of tracking technologies and developing innovative strategies to meet the industry's demands while driving strategies to optimize revenue growth. With her Extensive knowledge in financial services, data intelligence, blockchain, privacy, and regulation and her understanding of what financial institutions have, along with what they and their customers need, Pamela applies fresh thinking and innovative ideas that take full advantage of the latest in technology. Her leadership also extends beyond capital markets to serving the community at the local, state, and national levels. She is a breast cancer survivor and actively supports the American Cancer Society - "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer".

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