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78. Uncovering The Surprises That Lie Within The Dark Web With Damian Bierman

78. Uncovering The Surprises That Lie Within The Dark Web With Damian Bierman

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Key takeaways

1) Many companies are adopting the “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) model to sell their tech, including vendors on the Dark Web who aim to push criminal technologies such as ransomware.

2) No matter how good we are at stopping or preventing cyber threats, they are still going to happen and especially in innovative ways over time. The key lies in stopping them before they occur.

This week on WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned catches up with his long-time friend, Damian Bierman, Founding Partner & MD of Asia-Pac, Blackwired Pte Ltd. They discuss cyber security, the dark web, and how technological advancements could anticipate security threats even before they are conceived.

When it comes to cyber security, Damian believes that no matter how good we are at stopping or preventing them, cyber threats are still going to cause problems and in more innovative ways, thanks to lower barriers to entry. To add salt to wounds, cyber insurance may not cover every vulnerability without charging a premium due to a lack of data.

This is why it is important to remain one step ahead and Damian hopes to do so with his efforts in Cyber Threat intelligence.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Damian Bierman

Blackwired Pte Ltd.

As the Founding Partner and Managing Director of APAC at Blackwired Pte Ltd, Damian Bierman is responsible for expanding business and relationships throughout the region. Blackwired is a next-generation cyber intelligence firm that is trusted by governments, law enforcement, global corporations, and systemic institutions. Damian is an active member of the FIX Trading Community, where he serves as Co-Chair of the Asia Pacific Education and Marketing Subcommittee. He has been a long-time supporter of FIX and has been promoting it enthusiastically since he arrived in Hong Kong nearly two decades ago. Before joining Blackwired, Damian was the APAC Head of Trading Operations for FactSet, having previously established the Portware EMS business in Asia Pacific in 2007, which was later acquired by FactSet in 2015. Prior to that, Damian led FIX Services in APAC for NYFIX and was an early employee at Wall Street startup Javelin Technologies, where he brought its Appia FIX engine to market in the early 2000s.

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