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79. Are Financial Institutions Ready for Talents of the Future? with Warwick Pearmund

79. Are Financial Institutions Ready for Talents of the Future? with Warwick Pearmund

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Key takeaways

1) Fintech is an increasing presence in the financial services industry opening doors for more and more tech talents. However, having an understanding of how to navigate both the worlds of technology and business is invaluable.
2) We are globally more connected, which means it is easier to travel for work and to work remotely as we are also connected online.

On this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned speaks with Warwick Pearmund, Country Manager for the Hong Kong Office at Madison Pearl. They discuss Human Resources, Recruitment, and Headhunting in the finance industry and the subtle nuances behind hiring Tech talents in a space that has been fairly traditional for many years.

When it comes to recruitment, Warwick understands that we are globally connected and through this, we can work with the best talents with a myriad of valuable skill sets, especially when it comes to those working in tech. This is why he feels that hybrid and remote work should not be entirely frowned upon and that candidates can be given the option of where they work for certain job functions. As this is something younger generations value, traditional organizations such as Banks and Financial Institutions can consider this as part of their overall job offerings where possible.

With regards to staff retention, Warick highlights that pay isn’t just the be-all and end-all anymore for employees. He feels that the idea of ongoing training, ongoing growth, a hybrid work environment, and feedback from management is all very important and should be thoroughly practiced to retain them.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Warwick Pearmund

Madison Pearl

Warwick Pearmund is the Country Manager for the Hong Kong Office at Madison Pearl. His area of expertise includes financial technology, quantitative and systematic finance, payments, digital strategy, fintech, insurtech, data science, analytics, AI / Machine Learning, robotics, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and cyber security. His client base includes global consulting firms, banks, asset managers, insurers, and technology companies, from start-ups to MNCs. His wider team also covers commercial and industrial clients and ESG-related mandates.

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