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80. Wealth Management, what’s wrong with it? with Scott Treloar

80. Wealth Management, what’s wrong with it? with Scott Treloar

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Key takeaways

1) In investment management, the customer is considered a resource however, we should change this mindset and create an orientation where customers are central. This could be achievable thanks to the availability of WealthTech and digital-first firms.

2) Hedge fund firms and managers are stuck with frictional costs due to outdated processes. The best way to improve this could also be to adopt a digital approach.

This week, on WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned and Scott Treloar, Chief Investment Officer at Noviscient, discuss what is wrong with wealth management today and how it could be made better through technological advancements.

According to Scott, the main issue faced by Wealth Management firms today is that they view the customer as a resource instead of viewing them as a central pillar. Instead of looking at them just to grow AUM and to sell individual products, it really should be about providing an intermediary to help them find solutions that best meet their needs and this can be done through technology, along with a customer-centric and digital-first mindset.

When it comes to hedge funds, the smaller firms and managers, who could potentially become superstars, are stuck as they can’t get out of the frictional costs of running a hedge fund. This eats them up in terms of time, effort, resources, costs, and everything else as it is a function of how the physical model of the industry works.

To mitigate this, Scott suggests having a digital model where there is a proper ecosystem on a platform where the money stays and never leaves. By doing so, signals from hedge fund partners come to the platform instead of following old, outdated processes.

Tune in as they discuss elaborate on a digital first model  and how it could free the wealth management industry of its common pain points, keeping it up to speed for firms and investors of the future.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Scott Treloar


With over two decades of involvement in the financial markets, Scott Treloar began his career in Sydney, where he embarked on a venture capital career with Macquarie Bank. Following that, he spent eight years leading a quant group at Deutsche Bank in Singapore before transitioning to the buy-side as a Portfolio Manager at Vulpes Investment Management. at present, his focus lies in spearheading the development of an innovative investment management enterprise called Noviscient, whose aim is to revolutionize the industry by transitioning it from offline to online operations, embracing the advancements of the digital era. In addition to his professional pursuits, Scott is deeply invested in research exploring the application of hierarchical, probabilistic modeling. This approach tackles the complex task of selecting skilled managers and amalgamating their strategies to craft tailored solutions for investors. By delving into these areas, I strive to address the challenges inherent in investment management and contribute to the advancement of the field.

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