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82. The power of telling a good story with Kerry Ryan

82. The power of telling a good story with Kerry Ryan

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Key takeaways

1) At present, wealth management is competitive, and the market for it is choppy and scary, but this is when advisors are needed most.
2) When it comes to marketing, it is important to find champions and advocates early on in your business, especially when implementing new technology.
3) Potential clients want to be empowered and informed with more content and information. This is where advisors can add value.

On this episode of WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned speaks with Kerry Ryan, Director of Financial Services Industry Marketing at Seismic. They discuss not just WealthTech but also sales and enablement, along with current marketing trends in the financial services industry, and most importantly, what is wrong with the industry today and how to make it better for the future.

While the Wealth Management industry is competitive, Kerry believes that there is a high cost to market inertia. However, she feels it is important to take advantage of fluctuating market moments. One good example would be the recent pandemic. She highlights that the advisors who leaned in and had proactive, important conversations with prospects at the time of global unrest won more business and retained more clients. She also feels that clients today want to be well-informed and are more willing to consume content and information compared to their predecessors. This is where advisors of today can add value and be proactive by sharing content and information that are important to their client’s goals and needs.

When it comes to marketing, Kerry advocates that it’s important to find champions and advocates early on in your business, especially when implementing technology. She highlights that listening to peer groups and hearing from someone who has had the experience will hold the most value. She also mentions that there is room for growth in storytelling and that reaching out to audiences at a deeper level and appealing to people’s emotions will garner better results.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Kerry Ryan


Kerry Ryan is a go-to-market strategist, marketer, and financial services industry specialist with extensive experience building teams to deliver impactful brand stories, impactful selling programs, memorable customer experiences, and strong business results by bringing together a data-driven approach, a commitment to customer success, and a passion for technology. She currently leads Financial Services Industry Marketing at Seismic, where she shapes the go-to-market strategy for asset management, wealth, banking, insurance, and FinTech. Her previous experience includes go-to-market leadership in support of Salesforce's financial services business and oversight of digital strategy globally at two asset management firms, where she played a leadership role in implementing several leading MarTech solutions, including leading the launch of social media globally. Kerry is a holder of the Certified Private Wealth AdvisorSM (CPWA) designation, administered by the Investments & Wealth Institute and taught in conjunction with The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and a member of The Investments & Wealth Institute.

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