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88. Identifying your financial identity with Marla Sofer

88. Identifying your financial identity with Marla Sofer

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Key takeaways

1) The challenge faced by financial services firms today is understanding their customers and prospects, hindering their efforts in acquiring, engaging, and retaining clients.

2) It is difficult to put together a portfolio that reflects all of who a person is and the values they deem important unless you truly understand the customer.

This week, on WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned speaks with fellow founder Marla Sofer, CEO of knomee. Join them as they discuss what it takes to be a founder in the fintech business and to flip the financial services industry on its head by defining and identifying a customer’s financial identity.

Marla emphasizes the growing challenge faced by financial services firms in comprehending their customers and prospects, which presents significant obstacles to acquisition, engagement, and retention efforts. Despite extensive attempts to achieve personalization, these firms often waste resources due to misinterpreting limited data, controlled by providers. Marla firmly believes that changing this situation is crucial for the future, and her company, Nomi, is fully committed to accomplishing that goal through the creation of personalized portfolios that build comprehensive financial identities.

However, she cautions that it’s challenging to construct a portfolio that truly reflects an individual’s values and identity without a deep understanding of the customer. Recognizing and addressing this key pain point, Marla believes that winning the battle lies in this understanding. However, she works tirelessly to ensure she doesn’t lose ground, as she recognizes that the foundation of comprehending customers is vital for the future of financial services.

Tune in to the discussion, exclusively on WealthTech Unwrapped!

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Marla Sofer


Marla Sofer is the Founder and CEO of Knomee. Her comfort zone lies with doing things that have never been done before and she thrives in ambiguity to drive growth through obsessive client centricity. With a background in conflict resolution, she strivrs to solve complex problems while setting the stage for the future. As the former VP of Strategic Partnerships at Jemstep, a digital advice platform focused on helping Americans achieve their financial goalsm Marla has established allies across technical, financial, and consulting ecosystems to expand the availability of investment advice, improve the end-to-end user experience, and reduce the cost to serve clients at the country’s largest financial institutions. Prior to joining Jemstep, she was the Head of Business Development at Xignite, and the Head of Third-Party Monitoring and Oversight at Lending Club. Both firms dedicated to democratizing financial services to broader markets. She holds an MBA in business strategy and international business from Rutgers University, completed a program focused on Peace and Conflict Resolution at American University, and a BA in Sociology and Hebrew from the University of Texas at Austin.

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