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92. Navigating the WealthTech Ecosystem with Karan Shanmugarajah

92. Navigating the WealthTech Ecosystem with Karan Shanmugarajah

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Key takeaways

  1. Reaching the optimal position in the tech journey requires a considerable amount of time.
  2. The banking and wealth management sectors are increasingly embracing APIs, indicating promising developments and widespread adoption ahead.
  3. The primary competition that a business will face is its own self.

This week on WealthTech Unwrapped, Ned speaks with Karan Shanmugarajah, CEO of WealthKernel. Join them as they discuss the WealthTech Eco-System and what it takes for a budding entrepreneur to get their foot in the door.

Karan believes that decision makers in both traditional and digital banking settings have typically relied on either outsourced banking providers for their books and records or utilized a white-label front-end platform. Decisions in these settings are often made by a collective group, which may extend beyond just the management.

In contrast, bankers and wealth managers are more adept at making well-informed technological decisions based on their specific needs, evaluating which APIs can best fulfill those requirements. Karan is optimistic about the future of technology in banking and wealth management, as he observes a growing acceptance of APIs, paving the way for positive changes and increased adoption in this sector.

Regarding his own business, Karan emphasizes that size isn’t the most crucial factor; rather, being recognized as the best at what it does holds more significance. He also acknowledges that a potential unforeseen competitor for any business could be the business itself.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation, available exclusively on WealthTech Unwrapped!

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Karan Shanmugarajah


Karan Shanmugarajah is the CEO of WealthKernel, a leading provider of digital investment infrastructure. WealthKernel offers easily-embedded investment infrastructure over API, allowing companies to offer digital wealth and investment services in a flexible, cost-effective, and creative way. Karan and his team founded WealthKernel in 2015 after recognizing the limitations of existing wealth infrastructure and legacy wealth businesses that were not designed to meet the needs of a digitized world. Their aim was to improve and open up access to investment infrastructure for companies looking to build innovative investment products and services. Karan has also founded a not-for-profit organization that focuses on supporting the Tamil community in London with networking, entrepreneurial, and growth opportunities.

Karan Shanmugarajah_CEO_Wealth Kernel

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